Introducing pureWash Pro


A breakthrough in home laundry purification that will change the way you think about clean forever.

As it turns out, your laundry has been keeping a dirty little secret, (It’s really not that clean at all!). Detergent may leave clothes smelling clean but it does not eliminate the mold and bacteria that builds up from sports activities, pets and everyday living.

pureWash Pro cleans clothes with the disinfecting power of oxygen, not detergent. It’s clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and mold, plus its both safe for the environment and for family members of all ages.


Why pureWash?



For the most part, home laundry cleaning has been stuck in the dark ages. How is it possible we are still washing clothes with harsh toxic chemicals that jeopardize the health and well-being of our families and the environment? And the laundry list of time-old problems has continued to plague us: bacteria & mold, unpleasant odors, pet dander, allergy-aggravating detergents, rash-causing chemicals, hot water waste, moldy washing machines, wastewater pollutants, whites not staying white, faded clothes and more. Enough is enough.

We’re here to tell you that there’s a healthier, safer and smarter way to do laundry. pureWash Pro is revolutionizing the home laundry industry with its patented, ozone purification water process.


How It Works

 pureWash Pro utilizes innovative, smart technology to infuse 100% natural, safe activated oxygen (ozone) into the cold water of your washing machine. This oxidation process removes residue and cleans and disinfects your entire laundry with little to no detergent 

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